Brief History of the College.
The Kwara State College of Education Oro, was the first College of Education to be established by the Kwara State Government in 1976 as an Advanced Teachers’ College with temporary site at the then temporary site of the Federal Government College, Ilorin. It was an off shoot of the Kwara State College of Technology, Ilorin (established in 1974).

The name of the College was changed to Kwara State College of Education, Oro-Ilorin (.i.e. Kwara State College of Education, Oro with temporary campus at Ilorin) in Edict No 2 of 1978. The 1978 Edit was reviewed in 1984, 2006 and 2013 respectively. However, for several geopolitical reasons, the College did not move to her permanent site in Oro until 1981, when two primary schools (St. Andrew’s Catholic School and Muslim Community School, Oro) were given for use as lecture rooms and offices.

In January 1983, the College moved to her present permanent site, called OKE-IROKO, and as at then, occupying a quadrangle of four blocks, in Oro. The town is about 50kms from Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.